"Fit" is a funny concept. While there are some objective ways to measure if something fits (can you button the jeans?), there's also more to it than that. How does it feel? How does it make you feel? That's what really matters. Websites need to fit, too. But measuring that isn't just about making sure it has all the features you need. For it to fit you, it should also make you proud and inspire confidence. When I design sites, I refuse to quit until it fits you in every way.


I'm a big guy, but I run a small operation. Since I wear all the hats, I'm the only one you'll deal with. I will walk you through the project from beginning to end. I'll get to know you, your project, your expectations, and your goals. Then I'll take all of that and put it into the site. Nothing gets lost in translation because there's no translating. This, of course, means I can take on fewer projects and have to work harder. But that's ok. Because it guarantees the best experience for you.


I've always been a teacher at heart. Whether it's on the football field as a coach or from the stage in a sermon, I love passing along concepts and watching someone run with them. I'm sure we'll get along well, but I don't want you to have to call me once a week. Every site I build includes a training session for all those who will be responsible for maintaining it. This means your site will be able to grow and change with you, without me. In the end this saves you both time and money.

My name is Stuart

I built my first website in 5th grade. It was about trucks and it was awesome. As I grew up, over and over again I found myself working jobs where I became the de facto "web guy." We would need a site and I was the only one brave enough to do it.

Over the past decade or so, that process has repeated itself. Becuase I was never satisfied with one of my sites looking "good enough," I found myself pouring way too much time into what was supposed to be just a peripheral part of my job. A few years ago, people began asking me to build their websites for them, which then led to people giving me money to make websites for them. I never set out to make a career out of web design, I just wanted to make beautiful websites and help people. That's still all I want to do, but since I have a kid and he outgrows his clothes every three months, I do require a fee for my work!

I can tell you that it will be worth it. When I finish your project, you will have a beautiful site that you'll know how to use. If we're lucky, we'll have both had a little fun in the process, too.

My blog

Blog is a weird word, but since no one has thought of something else to call it, here's mine:

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